If you are a Drop Ship Merchant, please add this FREE service to your cart (for each individual order you place).


  • We DO NOT include prices on our invoices OR your personal billing information.
  • We DO NOT include PillsToGainWeight.com site coupons or advertisements inside the packaging.
  • We DO NOT add our company's contact information (phone numbers, email addresses or web site). Only our return to sender address is shown on the USPS label.


STEP 1: Register for a PillsToGainWeight.com customer account (you will only need one account).

STEP 2: Add this Drop Ship Request to your cart along with all of your items.

STEP 3: Once you log into your PillsToGainWeight.com account, you will create a new order for each separate drop ship recipient address.

STEP 4: Your "billing address" will always be YOUR personal billing information and the "ship to" address will be that of your drop ship recipient/customer.

STEP 5: You can always log into your PillsToGainWeight.com account to see all pending and completed order ID numbers as well as postal tracking information.

Please Note: Your drop ship customer may see our business return address on USPS shipping labels, but again, we DO NOT display our web site address, phone numbers or any additional contact information. When entering a contact email, you should put your own email address so we can contact you directly with an issue. Your drop ship customer will contact YOU directly since you completed the sale with him or her.

Returns: We accept returns on UNOPENED ITEMS within a 30 day time frame (for international orders: date of package receipt). Therefore, we highly suggest that you establish a 14 day return policy so that you are able to send your customer's items back to us within the appropriate time frame. Note: There is a 20% restocking fee on all returns. If you need help with the return process, simply click our "returns" page. Tip: You can copy and paste return requirement text and send it via email to your customers as well. 

Terms: You may NOT create web product listings or advertisements using our registered domain name: "PillsToGainWeight.com." You must use generic terms if reselling our items.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your customer's address is accurate. Invalid addresses will be bounced back by the post office and will incur non-refundable shipping charges. All item prices and service offers are subject to change without notice. Merchant Drop Ship refunds and exchanges are granted within 30 days of purchase date. The packing slip will inform your drop ship customer to return items for a refund or exchange within 14 days (so that you can send returns back to us before 30 days). To obtain an exchange or refund, please contact us via email or click on "Returns" for full return authorization information. We will need your billing first and last name, and order ID or confirmation number.

You may access your PillsToGainWeight.com account by clicking the "Account Link" above. On that page, you will be able to view all completed and pending orders as well as any shipment tracking information.

By adding this drop ship request to your cart, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions. Policy is subject to change. All changes and updates will be listed on this page.

Get a drop shipper discount - Sign up for our 25% commission program. Click our "Affiliates" link for more details. How it works: Buy our products and get a 20% cash back from Shareasale 30 days later (if the order has not been returned or refunded). PLEASE NOTE: In order to utilize the 20% affiliate program with drop shipping, you must contact us first from inside your affiliate account to obtain permission.

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